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Story of BEYUL

In 1990, Dr Moon-Hee Sung sparked a new interest about the benefits of Chungukjang beans after he read ‘Dongui Bogam’ a Korean medicine book that was written in 1610. In that book it explains the amazing advantages of Chungukjang and how it is an amazing ingredients to maintain a youthful skin and at the same time an excellent food especially for detoxification and help to reduce flu.

Five years later, he started his journey around the country to look for the best breed of Chungukjang bacillus and after three years on the road he finally settled with the best from a province called Ahndong. Ever since this discovery, his interest with skin care grew greater and the rest is a marvelous history!

BEYUL Star Ingredient


Y-PGA is extracted from the traditional Korean fermented soybean paste – Chungukjang. Chungukjang is fermented with highly salty seasoning and characterized by a slimy, sticky and stringy texture, which is very popular in Korea. During the fermentation process, naturally Bacillus Subtilis bacteria which is rich in polyglutamic acid will occur on its surface. 

Y-PGA provide high moisturizing effect (100 times of Hyaluronic acid); strengthens fragile skin barriers by absorbing beneficial minerals and moisture. It helps to prevent skin damage and improve skin by preventing impure irritants with Push & Pull Technology. Y-PGA is the only hydrating agent which enhances N.M.F (Natural Moisturizing Factor)

Asiatic Pennywort Extract

Asiatic Pennywort is also known as ‘Tiger grass’ in Korea. It’s a centuries-old herb that was traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat wounds. It is sought for its anti-inflammatory properties to protect and moisturize sensitive skin. How did it get its nickname of tiger grass? Well, here comes the short interesting story about this centuries-old herb. This herb has actually been around for thousands of years. It was discovered when people in Asia noticed that a wounded tiger would tramp over hill and dale just to lookup for it and roll around it to help heal their wounds and trauma. Hence, people start to name is as tiger grass! All these were recorded in the Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic back then.


BEYUL is known for its upscale Push & Pull Regeneration Process technology where it acts as a multifunctional process to enhance your skin features. Below is some brief informations about this technology;

PUSH – it will obstruct and push out all of the impurities that has been trapped within the outer skin layer.

PULL – once the skin is clear, it will start to pull all of the good vitamins and minerals to absorb into the layers of the skin. With this, it will build a healthy barrier throughout the skin to protect from harmful contamination and maintain the moisture level of the skin.

BEYUL 7 Skin Benefits


Instant moisturizing


Long-lasting water lock


Strengthens the skin’s natural barrier


Improves skin plumpness and elasticity


Restores skin smoothness and shrinks pores


Calms the skin and resists photoaging


Brightens and improves dull complexion

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International Patents



Poly-γ-glutamic Acid (γ-PGA) as an active ingredient of hyaluronidase inhibitors

Enhanced by inhibiting hyaluronidase Hyaluronic acid stability

Enhanced by inhibiting hyaluronidase activity Anti-inflammatory function

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