Product Description

Featuring a high-potency fermented wheat extract (IP-PA1) combined with synergistic nutrients including Vitamin C and Beta-glucan. The fermentation and extraction processes for the IP-PA1 used in SHIRUTO are internationally patented, providing an assurance of its outstanding quality.

**Not available in Singapore

RP RM286.00BST030

GMP Certified

Complies to high standards of manufacturing

HALAL Certified


Natural Botanical Ingredients

Suitable for vegetarians

Notable Ingredients:

Fermented Wheat Extract (IP-PA1) – Helps strengthen and enhance your health

Vitamin C and Beta Glucan – Synergistic nutrient to support and sustain a healthy body system.

Shiruto is suitable for


  • Supports optimum immune system for healthy growth

  • Helps to reduce the frequency of falling ill


  • Reduces the risk of allergies

  • Speeds up the recovery time during sickness


  • Supports overall immunity throughout the golden years

  • Helps to reduce risk of falling ill

Discovery of IP-PA1 and its health benefits: Milestones

Unique cultivation and fermentation processes have been patented in more than 10 countries

Japan, USA, Australia, Europe, Canada, China, Korea, India, Singapore, Israel, Taiwan, Russia, etc.