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aulora pants with kodenshi

AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi ®

Product Description
When we launched the women’s version of this pants, the response was over the top! So, due to the overwhelming response the men version was created and as always, this is not your average garment. It is infused with the state-of-the-art technology from Japan this AULORA PANTS comes with an amazing Kodenshi® material where it is airy and flexible for your daily use. Yes, it is a garment but at the same time it will give you the right amount of flexibility and style.

(M) RP RM922.00EKPM02
(L) RP RM922.00EKPL02
(XL) RP RM958.00EKPXL02
(2XL) RP RM958.00EKP2XL02
(3XL) RP RM958.00EKP3XL02